Short Term Rental Management & Hosting Solutions

Guaranteed Higher Annual Revenue With Automatic Payments

Short Term Rental Management & Hosting Solutions

Guaranteed Higher Annual Revenue With Automatic Payments

Founder & Owner, Will Porter

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Growth Specialist




Hello & Welcome,

I am the Founder of ShoreLine Stays. We are a Short Term Rental Property Management & Host Solutions company that strives to increase the economic developments of the 21st Century.


My experience in sales began as a jazz musician here in Chicago. I became a semi-professional jazz, Latin jazz, and classical Alto Saxophonist at the tender age of 14 (the summer of my freshman year in Highschool). I continued to free-lance throughout my high school career and found myself in as many as 6 bands at a time.

Fast forward to 19 years of age I became a Hazardous Material Technician but found that to be too dangerous to continue.

I then decided it was time to devise a backup plan just in case this music thing doesn't work out. So I found my first sales position in 2003 and in 2004 I was awarded "Salesman Of The Year." It actually taught me how to be an extrovert. I really felt at that point I had a solid foundation to establish my "backup plan."

All of the hard work I put into my first sales gig and all the D2D(day 2 day + door to door) left me feeling empty because I did not even attempt to practice my instrument during the entire 1.5 years on the job. So, after 12 hour days and minimal pay, I quit

I did some research and found Experiential & Promotional Marketing and that is where I have placed my stamp on the industry. I have performed in roles such as:

  • Event Manager

  • Field Manager

  • Market Manager

  • Territory Manager

As a Lifelong Entrepreneur, I pride myself in all of the positions I have acquired and contracts I have negotiated. And all without a degree with 13+ years industry experience I have performed as:

  • District Manager

  • Marketing & Sales Director

Experiential Marketing has given me the privilege of training sales teams and representing big names such as JEEP, GOOGLE, SAMSUNG, MERCEDES-BENZ, NIKE, DOM PERIGNON, and many many more over the past 13+ years.

Through ShoreLines Stays I am able to build a brand that will be beneficial for the land and for the brand, employ others by creating opportunity, and give back to the many communities who have helped make this journey come full circle and have brought many of my visions to fruition.

Chicago, IL 60615 | 877.504.5430 | support@shorelinestays.com

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